Adaptistration (blog) - Exploration of the goings on of orchestral management and the "other side" of the music business.

American Federation of Musicians - Join the Musicians' Union!

Andrea La Rose - Flutist/composer friend of Adam's. Check out her "Educator" area for some cool ideas for getting into improvising!

Blank Sheet Music - Print manuscript paper to write out your own exercises and music!

Boise Philharmonic - Adam's orchestra in Idaho.

Boise State University Department of Music - Adam serves as Instructor of Tuba.

Boulder Philharmonic - DeAunn's orchestra in Colorado. - A fantastic study aid for all orchestral brass instruments. Well-known orchestral excerpts from parts and scores as well as links to recordings. Highly recommended!

Bulletproof Musician (blog) - Performance psychology, improving practice habits, etc. Smart research, good ideas.

Central City Opera - Adam performs with this Colorado opera company in the summer.

Chris Olka (YouTube) - Principal Tuba of the Seattle Symphony, he's released a series of "Drills of the Week" that help us focus on some problem areas of our playing. Check them out!

Hickey's Music Center - Online sheet music retailer. Support your local music store whenever you can, but this is a great place to find solos, etude books, ensemble music, etc.

Horn History - "Comprehensive timelines of instrument development, repertoire, pedagogy and performers."

IMSLP Petrucci Music Library - Digital resource for classical sheet music in the public domain. Music from pretty much all periods, including some modern works.

International Horn Society - An organization dedicated to performance, teaching, composition, research, and the preservation and promotion of the horn as a musical instrument.

International Tuba Euphonium Association - "Dedicated to promoting and advancing the tuba and euphonium."

Musical Chairs - Listings for upcoming auditions, summer festivals, competitions, and more.

Real Book Site - Recordings (and often lead sheets) for many jazz tunes, available for review, posted for educational purposes.

Roger Bobo (blog) - World-renowned tuba performer and teacher.

Roger Rocco (blog) - Brass pedagogue and Arnold Jacobs student; one of Adam's "guru" teachers.

Sarah Willis' Horn Hangouts - Interviews with famous brass players.

Seth Godin (blog) - Not a musician, but a longtime entrepeneur. His thoughts influence some of our own ideas on our work in music and business.

Steve Park's Horn Accompaniment Downloads - A great way to practice horn solo repertoire!

TubeNet - Long-running online low brass forum. Auditions, events, "for sale" section, and more.

University of Iowa Horn Studio Page - One of the most comprehensive collections of horn-/music-related links on the internet.